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Machine designed to classify the intermediate products in the milling process, using a wide sieving area made of sieves placed one on top of the other and properly equipped with a clothing. The GQT-G Plansichter represents a reference point in the field for its long-lasting reliability and exceptional performance.

Materie prime

OatDurumDurumSoft wheatMaizeMaizeOatRiceRiceSoft wheat


The Plansichter is designed and manufactured with an advanced building system technology, utilizing industry’s cutting-edge equipment as a laser cutter and welding robot.

Machine design allows convenient access to each area and the performing of all cleaning operations according to sanitation standards expectations (HACCP). It is designed to achieve maximum simplicity with flexibility in order to satisfy a wide range of requirements.

The product enters the hoppers applied to a metallic dashboard suspended to the ceiling, linked to the circular nozzle for the channel with a synthetic fabric. Under the opening there is a perforated disk which distributes the product on the surface of the first sieve.

The finished product that has gone through the mesh of the first sieve, falls to the bottom where it is pushed by dedicated ejectors towards the exit, in the proper vertical channel linked to a dumping nozzle, situated on the bottom. The thicker parts that did not make it through the mesh, exits through a frontal opening, before falling on the next sieve until at the end it reaches the unloading chute. The sieve stacks construction is always discussed with the manufacturer, in order to optimize the machine performance, managing the numerous scheme combinations for sieving that the GQT-G can handle.

The Plansichter structure is sturdy, realized with frame holders at various heights, to avoid problems related to machine’s footprint, especially in older mills. The GQT-G is built in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 channel systems. The 10 channels are designed to be placed along the perimeter of the machine, reducing the space taken. The main structure parts are characterized by exceptional strength and are made of top quality materials. The channels’ inner walls are stainless steel and all parts that come in contact with product are made of food grade material. The channels closing doors are made of food product safe polypropylene and their opening/closing system allows for a quick and safe operation. Each channel can have up to ten discharges, connected to the floor with synthetic fabric filtering sleeves equipped with intermediate rings and inlet spouts for product inspection.

Frame stacks can be manufactured in antistatic and wear reducing plastic material, designed for food contact and tested in laboratory.

Machine features

• New sieve cleaning system;
• thermally insulated compartments;
• easy access for cleaning;
• minimum maintenance;
• stainless steel coated walls;
• possibility to hold up to 30 frames on a single channel;
• sieving area of a single sieve: 0.42 m².



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