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Machine designed to clean and pre-clean the grains, guaranteeing an intensive separation from impurities such as blades of straw and vetches, even for large hourly productions.

Materie prime

DurumMaizeOatRiceSoft wheat


The Granosichter is composed of a pre-decanter system to clean the grains and of a central body that contains the sieves.

Product enters the loading group and it is distributed along the machine’s width. At the same time, an air flow detaches the lighter parts from the grain, reducing the impurities entering the sieves.
Product is then uniformly distributed in sieving groups thanks to an oscillating movement given by a counterweight. At the edges sand wastes are divided and collected, while the cereal goes through a winnower that divides the decanting powders, which are collected and separated from the clean air in the decanter group on the top. A connection of the decanted air from the powders to an external filter is implemented. The counterweight is extractable to carry out easy maintenance. Moreover, it is possible to regulate the intensity of the oscillation through the movement of the counterweight mass.

GRANOSICHTER structure is in steel with dedicated paint for food contact. It features a sieving surface that is remarkably superior to the traditional separators. It is possible to eliminate external seeds of different dimensions from the ones of the product.

Machine features

Working surface: 24 m² .



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