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Machine designed to divide the lightweight wheat fraction from the heavy one, separating it from rocks and other heavyweight materials, partially removing powder and light impurities.

Materie prime

DurumMaizeOatRiceSoft wheat


The product descends from a distributing box on the top frames. Thanks to the vibration given by motorized vibrators, together with the action of the bottom-up air current, the product stratification is ensured, making it fall because of gravity.

The heavy wheat and the rocks remain in contact with the sieve and fall in the bottom one, while the light parts fluctuate on the surface and it is then dumped.

When the product reaches the second sieve, the SGS unloads from the back the rocks and the heavy wheat, while the product goes down the front hoppers.

The SGS Dry Stoner Selector parts are in dedicated painted steel for contact with food.


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