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Machine designed to uniform and mix the absorption of water added to wheat, resulting in better wheat tempering and reduction of conditioning over time.

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BI-MIX Intensive Dampener is in stainless steel and it is made of two polygonal boxes of different size and a rotor with blades placed to form a pushing coil at the entrance, and a series of mixing blades with adjustable inclination. While the blades push the cereal towards dumping nozzle at the top, a part of the grains falls back, mixing again with the ones going upwards. This causes friction which facilitates water absorption. BI-MIX is equipped with two slides to keep the grain before it can exit. The remaining time variation and the continuous frictions allow for a homogeneous penetration of water in the wheat kernel and short conditioning times. A dosing system with flowmeter is paired to the machine.

The modular stainless-steel construction allows for easy access during washing process.

Machine performance

· Capacity: 10-35 t/h.



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