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Machine designed for industrial milling of every kind of product dedicated to zootechnical use.

Materie prime

OatDurumDurumSoft wheatMaizeMaizeOatRiceRiceSoft wheat


Product reaches the Hammer mill through a special conveyor, an opening placed in the center of the machine. Once the product enters the central part of the rotor thanks to the centrifugal force, it reaches the edge of the rotor where the mesh holds it until a group of hammers reduces it down to such a granulometry that it can go through the mesh itself.

When the milled product has become thin enough to fit through the mesh opening it falls down a hopper placed below the machine body and it is then pneumatically aspirated.

The MS features a loading box with a detection sensor for the opening of air vent, and a magnet placed inside the box to intercept metals.

The hammer group is made of dedicated material to reduce wear over time. Moreover, the parts are in painted steel dedicated for food conduct.

The MS hammer mill is available in two versions:

– MS60 model is a hammer mill with less capacity, dedicated to the milling of scrapes from first and second cleaning in a milling plant;

– MSB model in a hammer mill for high capacity, dedicated to the milling of scrapes from cleaning. It can be also used for other products non-related to milling plants.

Machine performance

· Capacity: 0.37 – 0.48 m².



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