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Machine designed to clean, classify and remove stones from cereal. MCS combines three process phases in one machine, reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Materie prime

OatDurumDurumSoft wheatMaizeMaizeOatRiceRiceSoft wheat


The product that must be selected through the entry arrives distributed directly on the superior sieve where the first selection occurs. Bigger parts exit the sieve and the remaining ones fall on the sieve below for a second selection, where the thinner ones (sand, powders, etc.) exit, while the remaining product passes through Gravity Selector.

Gravity Selector
The product enters the machine and it falls through the first sieve, because of a fixed comb steel sheet. Thanks to the vibrating action, carried out by the vibrators and by the air intake that goes through the sieves, the product stratifies itself because of gravity force, with the heavy product and stones remain on the sieve. The lighter parts stay on the surface allowing the air flow to carry out the first separation taking out powder, blades of straw, and glume. After the first pre-stratification, product reaches the areas where it is selected and sieved, with the stones and the heavy product falling, facilitating the following separation of the stones and of the soil particles that go back up to the chute. The heavy product on the bottom sieve reaches the chute, while the lighter part of product exit from the superior sieve chute.

The stratification of the product on the selector’s superior sieve happens through an air flow regulated by the valve. The exiting product from the superior sieve is hit by the aspirating air, removing the lighter parts. The level of needed selection can be regulated through the mobile bulkhead. Machine structure is in painted steel, with dedicated paint for food contact.

Prestazioni della macchina

· Capacità 12-25 t/h


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